FLORABOTANICA Balenciaga: Behind-the-Scenes Video with Kristen Stewart & Nicolas Ghesquiere

Behind-the-scenes video for Florabotanica Balenciaga launching in Canada October 2012. The video features both Kristen Stewart and Nicolas Ghesquiere speaking on the set of the Steven Meisel shoot about their experience working on the project and with each other.

THE INSPIRATION: . It involved exposing the floral world per se to the vocabulary of perfumery, to almost scientific experiments, to create an unprecedented object in terms of smell and sight. Combining the fantastical and ultra-contemporary aspects of the Balenciaga brand.

THE STORY: It is a strange and wonderful garden in which you do not know whether these flowers are innocent or poisonous. They are magnetic flowers. FLORABOTANICA is an imaginative fragrance name. It evokes the 18th-century botanical gardens in which the most exotic and rarest plant species were displayed. Strange-coloured plants discovered in distant countries brought back from their travels by enthusiastic biologists, at the cost of their lives, to create the extraordinary arboretum.

THE ALCHEMISTS: The astonishing FLORABOTANICA came to life in a four-hand score. The two composers are Olivier Polge and Jean-Christophe Hérault. These two internationally renowned noses have written a music of scents that play on two major accords, like a plant world within a world. The Vetiver, Amber and Caladium Leaf accord to create a resonance of mossy and mysterious dark wood. And the Rose, Carnation and Mint accord like an exhilarating note with juvenile freshness. It should be specified that we are not talking about those extremely well-known roses from the Vulgaris Rosacea family. It is a hybrid rose born of the olfactory imagination of our two orchestrators. We cannot reveal all the secrets of these two floral alchemists, but the Experimental Rose© finds its origins in opulent Turkey. To give it a fairytale air, the two perfumers have added a formula of psycho-sensory plants, making it particularly enchanting. This Experimental Rose© has the power to endlessly charm.

THE YOUNG GIRL: She is the actress Kristen Stewart, who already held us spellbound in David Fincher’s “Panic Room” and Sean Penn’s “Into the wild” and exploded in “Twilight”. An incontrovertible star today, she is adored by audiences of all kinds. Yet she knows how to maintain her privacy and does not play the media game. She is the perfect muse for FLORABOTANICA. We like her tetchy youthfulness. Her rebellious femininity and pure face. She is romantic and modern.
Florbotanica by Balenciaga Paris will be available October 2012.